Trends In Sociopathy II: An Update

This is getting tiresome, but I am duty-bound as Tactile Peggy’s political correspondent to keep the public (or at least the handful of family and friends who read this blog) abreast of the descent of the Republican base into utter barbarism.  They held another Republican debate last night, and – stiff upper lips, everyone, you must look the devil in the eye if you would finally conquer him – there was yet another outrage from the audience:

Yes – some of them actually booed an active-duty soldier in Iraq because he is gay.  Support the troops!

To sum up (see my earlier post, Trends In Sociopathy):

1)  State-sanctioned murder is doubleplusgood.  The more corpses, the better.

2)  Persons who choose not to buy health insurance should hasten to die when they get sick, and decrease the surplus population.*

3)  It is not enough to volunteer to fight in George W. Bush’s endless, catastrophic, hopelessly immoral thrill kill in Iraq; you must be heterosexual while doing so, or it doesn’t count.

Any questions?

*paraphrasing proto-Teabagger Ebenezer Scrooge, of course.

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